Lelo Soraya Review

Lelo soraya vibrator package

The Lelo Soraya is an excellent vibrator. In this review we’ll tell you why.

Rabbit vibrators are iconic in the sex toy industry and have been so for a couple of decades now. And there is a good reason for that. Rabbit vibrators combine the internal stimulation of a normal vibrator or dildo with an added twist which is an extended arm for clitoral stimulation. This means they’ve got both ends right. Ultimately, this is a recipe for a heavenly orgasm.

The history of the Rabbit is quite amusing. It was developed in Japan during a time when strict laws governed the people. And during this time certain products were considered obscene which sparked the creation of the rabbit vibe which mocked up to vaguely resemble a rabbit. And this is how they evaded those laws.

Over the years bright colors and cute designs have been added in to create a much more palatable device. That said, they are one of those vibes that have been designed to offer women the ultimate pleasure and in a nutshell the best of both worlds.

So what exactly is the Lelo Soraya?

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The manufacture, Lelo, is actually a luxury and famous sex toy brand. The price point is, therefore, a bit higher than the average vibe on the market or higher than most vibes you find on Amazon. The guarantee, however, is that you get a product made from 100% medical grade silicone and the toy works exactly as advertised. Therefore you get what you pay for.

It is made from 100% silicone material and ABS plastic making it completely hygienic. It’s easy to clean and it deters bacteria.

It’s also one of the most flexible clit stimulators on the market while not sacrificing power and intensity.

Something else worth mentioning is that a lot of vibes advertise themselves as being whisper quiet. Soraya is the first one that actually comes close to that description. While other vibrators sound more like tiny drills, the Soraya is actually quite discrete.

Another aspect in the design of the Soraya is that it’s in a league of its own when it comes to the cutout handle which makes it easy to grip onto and manipulates the device. Therefore having the grip strength of a 19-year-old aggressive masturbator is not necessary for you to enjoy yourself. You can even hold it rather loosely and still enjoy the vibration power that it offers.

That device takes approximately two hours to charge and this delivers a whopping four hours of usage. It also has a standby time of 90 days but if you want your device to last longer do not let it sit for such long periods between uses.


Lelo Saraya in purple

Older rabbit vibes tend to be quite ugly as opposed to the sparkly and pink Soraya. The vibe is also available in cerise and black as well as deep rose. It’s almost ornamental when you look at it. The device looks and feels like a premium product and has a sufficient weight with metallic detailing that complements the firm and smoke silicone.

It is approximately 9 inches in length with an insertable length of 6.5 inches. This makes it a substantial pleasure product that is designed to satisfy almost any taste. The length of the shaft is not surprising however the width is. It tapers from a thin base into a more wider, rounded tip. This offers a more fulfilling sensation for both women who want a larger vibe and also for those upgrading from their first and second vibrators.

Most premium toys have a mushy and soft a body while the Soraya’s silicone is stiff and firm. This means that the powerful vibrations are transmitted more efficiently through your body and through the silicone. Ultimately it is extremely intense at its highest setting.

One of the biggest bonuses of the Soraya is that it is 100% waterproof. You can safely use it in the shower or bathtub and this makes cleanup a breeze as well.

It is also a USB rechargeable which offers added convenience and after a full two hours of charge, you can use it for approximately four hours. By any standard, that’s a pretty good battery life.

Sound and Vibrations

Lelo Saraya mint colour on leather car seat

The vibrations are not rumbly but more like a gentle buzzing sound. And in between, there’s a bit of both. The sensation seems to travel throughout all parts of the vagina at once. And when it inside you it offers pinpoint precision. Ultimately it’s quite a unique feeling and it’s more of an energy than a vibration.

On the highest setting, it’s rather overwhelming. However for those who like things vigorous, this is the perfect toy. There are two separate motors, one near the tip and one in the flexible clit arm which bends to suit your anatomy. Ultimately you will need to play around with it a bit to find that perfect toe curling position.

Although the Soraya is quite discreet, it may cause you to make some rather loud noises. Ultimately most of the users described this as pure pleasure.


The Soraya contains three buttons that work like many other rabbit vibrators. You use the plus button to switch on and you use the minus keys to control the vibration and intensity.

In between those you’ll find a single button that lets you control the eight different vibration patterns. This is quite different from the Lelo Ina 2. The Lelo Ina 02 has two buttons going up and down through the patterns.

The one button design is quite sleek but can tend to be awkward if your favorite pattern is number eight. Ultimately it doesn’t remember the last setting you used so you have to scroll through each and every time you switch it on.

Shape and Feel

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It is hard to explain the exact shape of the Soraya. All we can say is that a picture is worth 1000 words.

The shaft is quite narrow as compared to other vibrators but this makes it ideal for beginners. It’s not girthy and it’s designed to reach the G-spot quite easily.

Perhaps one of the only drawbacks is that the metallic seam on the vibe itself is tricky to clean. This can often lead to a buildup of bacteria. However, while doing our review we found that by using a Q-tip you can clean it up quite nicely.

According to our Lelo Soraya review, we found that many users thought the shaft was a bit too long. According to them, the long shaft made clit stimulation harder. This comment was mostly from petite women and they found that they actually preferred a bullet vibe instead. However, this clit vibe is actually designed for women who like intense vibrations and don’t mind a long insertable length either. For these women, the vibe will fit perfectly.


The Soraya doesn’t resemble an actual penis so this makes it easy for travel purposes and for keeping the toy discrete as well.


When it is charged completely, it will last 90 minutes on standby. If you need a long use out of it then consider just plugging it in and charging it while you’re using it. A full charge is approximately 2 to 3 hours. Thereafter, you get four hours of usage out of it.

Finding the charging port can often be tricky when you’re using it for the first time. It looks more like an indent near the controls. It automatically seals itself when you take the charger out which gives it its water capabilities. This is quite a nice feature and one that many users will find priceless.

Waterproof Capabilities

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The Lelo Soraya is also 100% waterproof so feel free to use it for aquatic adventures as well. Not only can you enjoy the vibe in your bedroom, but you can take your vibe with you to the shower, hot tub and bathtub as well.


Most high-quality rabbit vibrators are usually quiet. At its lowest setting, the Lelo is practically undetectable. However at its highest setting it does tend to be louder. With the Soraya, if you’re worried about roommates or people that live with you hearing you behind closed doors, you can try muffling the found on high intensity under a couple of blankets.

However, it’s worth mentioning that once inside you it is completely muffled. Aside from that, even when using it on the highest intensity, it’s not as loud as low-end vibrators that sound more like electric drills than vibes.


The Soraya is very easy to clean since it is 100% waterproof. Therefore, all you need to do is wash it down with some soapy water and then rinse it under some warm running water. Ultimately, you will need to dry the vibe 100% before packing it away. In order to clean the metallic seam on the vibe, use a Q-tip and put some disinfectant or sanitizer and you will get it squeaky clean. Ultimately, taking good care of your vibe and ensuring that it is cleaned both before and after use will ensure its longevity.

Where to Buy

While doing our Lelo Soraya review, we found that the device is available on Amazon however; we recommend that you purchase it directly from the manufacturer which is Lelo. With them, you get a warranty which delivers peace of mind and you know that you have made a good investment that will last you for a long time to come.

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The Verdict

Lelo Saraya in mint

The vibration patterns on the Soraya are quite solid and deliver everything you need from a dual action vibe. It is also a mid to high range vibrator as far as power and intensity go. If you want the strongest vibrate on the market, then this is the ideal choice. Not only does it deliver G-spot stimulation but clit stimulation both in one go.

As far as looks go, the Soraya is one of the most beautiful vibrators on the market and it’s also quite discreet which makes it ideal for traveling purposes.

If you really want to know if this is suitable for you or not, then the quickest way of describing it is quiet, powerful, fast, and extremely convenient.

If you’re looking for a rechargeable vibe that has an award-winning battery life, and charging time this is definitely the one for you. When it comes to the best rabbit vibrators on the market the Soraya definitely make that list.

The Lelo is also known as the Lelo Insignia Soraya pleasure object. If you’d like to learn more about the Soraya, then feel free to watch the Lelo Soraya demo.

The Lelo Soraya manual has complete instructions as well so that you know exactly how to use the device. So before using it for the first time make sure you peruse the manual so that you know exactly how to make use of the device. The Lelo is available in a variety of colors however the Lelo Soraya cerise seems to be the most popular color on the market.