Lelo Tiani Review – Is The Tiani 2, 3 or 24k Vibrator For You?

Lelo Tiani package

Lelo products are the cream of the crop and one of their latest innovations is the Lelo Tiani with SenseMotion feature. The Tiani is a part of Lelo’s Insignia line and is essentially a couple’s vibrator. You can control it using the disc-shaped wireless remote which also vibrates. 

Essentially how it works is that you insert the smaller arm into your vagina and the larger and thicker arm rests between your labia and nudges against your clit. Your partner then inserts just beneath the inner arm and one partner manipulates the remote. The Tiani range has various models and each one has a unique feature and function. 

The Lelo Tiani 2

LELO Tiani 2 purple colour

This is a luxury couples vibrator that features clit and G spot stimulation. It hugs your lady curves and sends thrills to your partners sweet spots too for added pleasure during intercourse. 

By wearing the Tiani 2 while making love, you will experience thrilling vibrations and ultimately a mind blowing orgasm. Each of the massagers in the Tiani range contain a remote control, and the motion sensing technology that control the awesome sensations you experience. 

You may also use the device with the remote and contains a new full feeling attachment hat provides added stability and improved G spot stimulation, irrespective of how you position it. 

With the flick of the wrist couples can now take their sexual experiences to the next level. The disc shaped remote allows either one to control the features and settings on the massager. The intelligent remote even vibrates to let you know what your partner if feeling. 

The device is waterproof and this comes with a range of benefits such as aquatic playtime adventures and convenient cleaning routine. It is also rechargeable so no need to worry about carrying batteries around. 

Some of the key features of the Tiani 2 are:

couple kissing in front of hotel door with Lelo Tiani pink colour in hand
  • It’s a couples vibrator that enhances love making
  • It contains eight different vibration modes
  • It stimulates the clit and the G spot at the same time
  • It hugs your lady curves and provides hands-free pleasure
  • It is ideal for traveling as it is discreet
  • It can be recharged
  • It is equipped with SenseMotion technology
  • The SenseMotion technology is activated by your movement
  • The remote is wireless and work for up to 39 feet away

The Lelo Tiani 3

Lelo Tiani 3 blacnk in red background

The Tiani 3 is primarily a clit vibrator and is u-shaped, having 2 distinct ends. The smaller end is inserted into the vagina and does not vibrate. However, the vibrations from the other end can be felt on this end as well. These vibrations are designed to stimulate both partners. 

The larger end of the Tiani 3 go over the labia and clit and provide waves of pleasure through the intense vibrations it delivers. 

There is a wireless remote control which allows you to change the settings while the arm is inside you. The remote itself is probably as big as the massager and has three different modes of vibration. 

The first two modes are activated and depend on the SenseMotion feature, while the other mode controlled by a more traditional style. 

The first mode makes both remote and vibrator, vibrate. By tilting the vibrations in either direction, you can control the intensity. The intensity increases even more the further towards the 90 degree angle you move the remote. 

The second mode intensifies the vibrations the faster you move the remote. 

The final mode works in a typical way. You can therefore choose the speed of the vibrations by holding down on the plus and minus buttons on the remote. The remote in this mode will not vibrate and whether you tilt it or not has no impact on the Tiani 3. 

Using the Tiani 3 with the Doggy style position may prove to be a challenge as there isn’t as much pressure applied to the clit in this position and gravity is not exactly your friend either. Missionary or woman on top positions works best. 

The Lelo Tiani 24K

Lelo Tiani 24K vibrator

The Lelo Tiani 24K is an upgrade of the Tiani 3. This is the 4th model in the Tiani couples vibrator range and came about rather quickly.

Although this model is similar to previous ones, it does have some slight differences. It is worn the same way as the first 3 Tiani’s and is also meant for dual stimulation of both G spot and clit.

If you are not accustomed to a couple’s vibrator, you need to get used to it. 

The fundamental difference between the Tiani 3 and 24K is the dual motor. This motor is intended for the insertable part of the toy which vibrates against your G spot. The vibrations and pressure is decent on its own, however, together with your partners penis, it takes the sensations to a whole new level. 

This toy is definitely classier than anything else out there. A gold band goes around the remote as well as the center of the toy itself. 

When it comes to clitoral stimulation, this toy has an adequate amount of power. As usual, gravity is not your best friend when using this toy and the missionary position brings out the best features and functions of the sex toy. However, if you are more of a doggy style person, then you can always hold it firmly in place. 

The remote has a nice design and is accessible to both partners to customize the vibrations as they go along.

The SenseMotion feature is probably the best and this is according to most Lelo users. So once it is activated, you may very rarely need to find your remote. 

Lelo Tiani vs We-Vibe 

There are a few differences between these two brands, although they essentially do the exact same thing. 


The Tiani is made from matte silicone and is smooth and silky. It also has a small internal arm. It is also more flexible than other similar sex toys and makes use of AAA batteries. 

The remote used for this device does not vibrate. The internal arm is the only part that vibrates, while stimulating the clitoris. The vibrations do however transfer from the outer arm to the inner arm. You may purchase the Lelo Tiani is a variety of colors such as rose, cerise and black. 


We-Vibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator

The We-Vibe is made from medical grade silicone that feels smooth to the touch and somewhat rubbery. Its internal arm is also much bigger than that of the Tiani. This toy is also more rigid and the remote does not vibrate. The internal and external arms on the device vibrate and you can purchase it in red, aqua and purple. 

Lelo Tiani 3 vs we vibe 4

couple cuddling with Lelo Tiani pink colour in hands

The We-Vibe 4 brings a whole new meaning to the term “couple’s play”. Designed for heightened intimacy, it is one of the leading sex toys on the market. 

It contains an advanced wireless remote which controls intensity and modes. It also contains a handy function which alternates between G spot and clit stimulation. 

The vibe is curved to hug your body intimately and contains 100% medical grade silicone. The slim design also allows for easy penetration. The device also contains 6 vibrations modes including the new echo vibe mode. After 6 hours of charge you get 3 hours of continuous use. 

When it comes to the Lelo IDA vs Tiani, the IDA has a round and wide disc that works as an external massager. The motor is also supersized allowing the vibrations to travel down the longer internal arm well. 

Whether or not this device is for you will depend on your anatomy. It is suitable for women whose clit sits lower over the opening of the vagina. It may also suit those who find vibrations that focus solely on the clit too intense. So ultimately, if you prefer external stimulation spread across your vulva then this is the perfect choice for you. 

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Who is it Designed for?

The Lelo Tiani is for those couples who have been with each other for a long time and are looking to spice up their love life. 

It is also a good addition to an already healthy sex life. If you enjoy foreplay or intercourse with your hands-free then the Lelo range is just for you. 

The vibe also eliminates the issue of your body being too close to your partners during sex, which ultimately prevents you from holding a clit vibrator. 

With this vibe, those restrictions are lifted thus introducing you and your partner to a new world of possibilities. 

Reasons to Buy

tanned legs in white underwear

The Tiani range is a good buy for several reasons. It is easy to use and allows you to set the vibration intensity which is all a woman really needs to climax. 

It also stays in place during intercourse and allows you to use your hands elsewhere. 

The device also makes use of the same chargers as other Lelo products, so if you own several Lelo products you’ll always have a charger on hand. 

The product is sold on Amazon; however, it is recommended that you buy it from the manufacturer. This ensures that your source is not only credible and reputable, but will give you the necessary guarantees. 

The Verdict

Lelo Tiani 2 vibrator in pink

Most of the above mentioned products can function independently. So you basically don’t need to use the remote, although it does add convenience. 

The Lelo Tiani range is interactive since you or your partner can adjust the settings from meters away. 

If you and your partner have never tried something like this before, you are missing out on a world of fun and orgasms. 

The Tiani is made from matte silicone and is smooth and silky. It also has a small internal arm. It is also more flexible than other similar sex toys and makes use of AAA batteries. 

The remote used for this device does not vibrate. The internal arm is the only part that vibrates, while stimulating the clitoris. The vibrations do however transfer from the outer arm to the inner arm. You may purchase the Lelo Tiani is a variety of colors such as rose, cerise and black.