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The Lelo Smart Wand is a powerful and also rechargeable wand massager. It has seven standard vibrations, and it features innovative SenseTouch technology. This technology is designed to make the massaging experience feel real. As you slowly press the wand into your body, the intensity of vibrations increase gradually, just like when someone is physically and manually massaging you. 

The pressure is designed to work on all of your muscular knots, and bring relief to sore and aching muscles. Massaging in difficult to reach areas with ease is simplified thanks to the ergonomic shape and design of the wand. Another bonus is that it’s 100% waterproof this is probably one of the only waterproof wands on the market and thanks to Lelo it is now available to you.


The Lelo wand measures approximately 12 inches in length, and the head is 2.5 inches long. The 1-inch neck connects to the main handle. The circumference of the head is 7.5 inches and thins to 5.25 inches after again expanding to 6.75 inches before meeting the main body. 

Although the neck of the device is not as flexible as others, it feels strong enough to maintain adequate control while you are using it. The sex toy is housed in a medical grade silicone and has a rigid interior. There are no gaps in the silicone aside from at the base where you will find the charger port. The handle is made from a chrome plated plastic with the Lelo logo etched onto it. 

Is also a small gap between the silicone body, which could probably trap dirt and bacteria. The circumference decreases gradually as the handle curves and expands to provide an ergonomic grip. Weight distribution on this toy is excellent, making it easy to hold. The bend on the wand allows you to reach every curve while still preventing you from activation certain buttons by mistake.

How to Use the Smart Wand

Lelo smart wand vibrator

There are three buttons which control the vibration of the toy. The toy is usually on travel lock mode when it arrives and to activate or deactivate this you should press and hold down on the plus and minus buttons for a couple of seconds. 

You can customize the intensity by using the variation of 8 vibrations modes. The initial setting is a continuous speed vibration, which can be increased and decreased by using the plus and minus buttons. 

The SenseTouch feature can be activated by pressing and holding the ‘()’ button for a few seconds. The maximum intensity you require should be set by using the plus and minus buttons as well. 

As the head of the wand comes into contact with your skin, the SenseTouch function increases and decreases the vibrations gradually. When you pull the wand away from your body, the vibrations will start to decrease.

There are also seven modes of escalations and pulsations which you can scan through by using the ‘()’ button. Switching the wand off involves holding down the minus button for a few seconds. This wand automatically remembers the last setting you used just before switching the device off. 

Not only can the Smart Wand be used as an intimate foreplay device, but also an all over body massager. The touch sensitive vibrations give you a unique experience, much like a manual massage from your partner. 

The advantage with this wand as compared to others on the market is the fact that this one has a flexible head, bent handle and a well-balanced neck, which allows you to apply pressure to hard to reach places. 

If you enjoy a deep body massage, this is definitely worth the investment. It works wonders on muscle knots without the need for vigorous manual massaging. 

When using it as a normal body massager, the tip is to set it on single speed vibration. You may also use the medium/high intensity or the SenseTouch feature. To enhance the entire experience, simply heat the wand’s head in a bowl of warm water. 

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The Smart wand may also be used as a clitoral stimulator, although some women may find that the head is a little too large for this type of stimulation. 

You can, however, place it over or near the clitoris as the vibes are rumbly enough to reach the entire clitoral area. In fact, it may even reach your clitoral bone as you place it over your vulva. 

Lots of water based lube is recommended to enhance the sexual experience. It is also suggested because the speed on this wand is so intense that it tends to push liquids away from the point of contact. So for this reason, you should start on the lowest setting and gradually work your way up. 

The highest continuous speed setting is intense and not for everyone. If you are more on the sensitive side, your orgasm may feel a bit rushed on this setting. So take it easy and gradually increase the intensity. 

Waterproof Capabilities

The Lelo Smart Wand Large is 100% waterproof. This means you may use it in the bath as well, despite the open AC socket. The water also has a softening effect on the vibrations making the experience more subtle and enjoyable. This also means that you can experience multiple orgasms. 

If you opt to use it in the bath, you may hold it a few inches away from your body, and no direct contact is needed. It is also great for foreplay. 

Cleaning the Wand

The wand does not have lots of nooks and crannies like other devices, so it is relatively easy to clean. There are no air vents and electrical cords either. With the Lelo Smart Wand Large all you need to concern yourself with is paying attention to the small little gap between the chrome plastic and the open charging port. 

The Lelo Smart Wand Medium

Lelo smart wand medium vibrator

The Lelo Smart Wand Medium is made from state of the art technology that provides a pleasurable experience. The intensity increases naturally, and the vibrations also build on contact. 

The bonus with the medium wand is that it is quiet and therefore perfect for discreet use. There are no cords, so you have access to powerful charging but with more mobility. 

The material is made from body safe silicone, which is smooth to the touch. The medium wand also does not contain any ridges, textures and material overlap so its easy to clean and repels dust and lint. 

The medium wand is gently curved to help reach sore spots on your back and also allows you to reach those erogenous places on your body. 

Like the Large wand, there are eight vibration settings, and it has the SenseTouch technology too. This feature enables you to experience a professional massage by using the wand. The closer to your body the wand is held, the stronger the SenseTouch feature becomes. 

It is also waterproof and available in Ivory, Plum, White, and Black. 

Ultimately, the choice between the medium and large wand depends on personal preference. 

This is almost the perfect wand. The features and function contained make it worth the investment, especially the SenseTouch feature. 

Perhaps the only thing that Lelo could do better is to protect the open charging port by adding a silicone cover. 

The wand is also extremely powerful although it is not mains powered and instead rechargeable. 

When choosing a wand vibrator, it is important to consider the type of vibes you enjoy. These wands emit a rumbly vibe rather than buzzy ones. So it is important to consider that as well when making your decision.

You may use the Lelo Wand with a variety of attachments provided they are compatible. You may find Lelo smart wand attachments from Hitachi and similar companies. 

Who is it designed for?

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Contrary to popular belief, men are not the only ones allowed to jerk off. Women have a need for sexual gratification as well. So while there are lots of toys out there for men, the female sex toy industry has recently started booming. 

The smart wand Lelo has released is one of the most innovative designs in vibrators and has women all over the world, screaming with pleasure. It is ergonomic and customizable, so what more could a woman ask for. 

Irrespective of whether you need some self-love for those times your partner is not around or whether you would like to use it to enhance foreplay, the smart wand is ideal for you. 

If you already on other types of vibrators such as bullets, rabbits and the likes, why not invest in this state of the art wand that gives you pleasure at your fingertips. 

For beginners, it is also a great way to start of your vibe collection. The vibrations are rumbly and not buzzy, and so you need to decide whether these vibrations do it for you. It is also advisable to use it on the lower settings when you first get started and then gradually increase the intensity as you get more accustomed to it. 

Where to Buy 

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While the smart wand is sold in various online stores, during our Lelo smart wand review, we found that is it is best to make your purchase from Lelo. The smart wand is also available in Amazon stores; however, in order to get the full warranty and guarantees, you need to make your purchase from the manufacturer. 

Aside from Lelo being one of the most credible and reputable sex toy retailers on the market, you may even get a few extras with your wand purchase such as a Lelo smart wand brooch.

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The Verdict 

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The Smart Wand from Lelo is by far one of the most technologically advanced vibes online. It is for women who have tried other vibes and want something with a difference. So if you are ready to take your masturbation experience to the next level, why not start with the Lelo wand today.