Lelo Ida Review – Spice Up Your Sex Life With Your Partner

Lelo Ida package

The Lelo IDA vibe is a part of Lelo’s premium vibrator collection. This high end, luxury designer vibe is more or less an upgraded version of the Lelo Tara. So you can expect the same features and functions with a few extras. 

The IDA has the SenseMotion feature, remote control, and eight other functions. The Lelo IDA comes in Pink, Black, and Lilac. It is also made from the medical grade silicone synonymous with Lelo’s entire product line. 

Before using the Lelo IDA, you need to ensure that it is fully charged. The remote control takes 2 AAA batteries. The vibe is rechargeable, and the mains lead is provided. You will know if it is charging because a small orange light will show.


Lelo Ida pink vibrator with yellow cupcake

Once you have your Lelo IDA fully charged and batteries in your remote control, you may begin your exploration of the device. Although there are buttons on the device, since it contains a remote, you may control the device from the remote exclusively. 

Since the SenseMotion functions are not the easiest to operate, you will need to consult the Lelo IDA instruction manual to get accustomed to using this function.

How does the Lelo IDA Work?

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The part that slips into your vagina is known as the “probe” section. The man penetrates the woman vaginally as you would with traditional sex. By sharing control of the remote, either partner can take control of the different speeds and functions. Alternatively, you should discuss who’s going to take control prior to initiating your session. 

The remote is hard to mistake for anything else; therefore, you will find it with ease whether you place it on the bed or floor next to you. 


Lelo Ida vibrator in pink background

What you should know is that SenseMotion toys are strongly high-tech and therefore there is so much that you can do with it. It sometimes feels like a while before you can start; however, the more you use them, the sooner you’ll get all the features and functions right.

There are a total of eight contained functions. Shake to vibrate, tilt to vibrate, constant vibration, faster-pulsating vibration, pulse vibration, escalating vibration, wave vibration, and various patterns of vibration. When you turn the vibrator on for the first time ensure you also turn on the remote control. 

Tilt it a bit, and you’ll feel remote, and the device vibrates simultaneously. The probe on the device will also rotate as you turn the remote from horizontal to vertical and vice versa, you will start to see the full range of functions and vibrations. 

When you press the central () button, it will allow you to switch function. The central button also allows you to discover the other vibrating features, and it can be tuned to the intensity of your choice using the plus and minus buttons. 

To turn off the device, you need to hold down and press the power button or the minus button. You’ll find an orange LED light on both the device and the remote. If you see it, then your device still has power.  Ensure that both devices are turned off completely before storing them away.

The Feeling 

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The Lelo vibrator feels much like the Tara; however, it is easier to use since this version has a remote control. As you shake and tilt the remote, it delivers different vibrating functions to the device itself. However, you also need to be careful not to make any sudden or accidental movements especially if you’re on a pattern that you really enjoy. 

Once you pass the novelty shake and tilt function, you will get accustomed to the more familiar features and functions.  The middle button allows you to go through to the functions and pressing the plus and minus lets you choose the speed variations, and this makes the device is fairly convenient to use. So there’s no fuss trying to find the power button when you need to. 

The probe feels great on your G-spot, and your partner may also enjoy the rotation against his penis during sexual intercourse. The vibrations are actually a bonus which leads to an overwhelmingly consensual intimate experience. 

The middle to top vibrations also feels great against the clitoris, and the sensation is heightened if you use water-based lube in the process. 

Some women have concerns about how you fit a device of this size into your vagina at the same time as your partner’s penis; however, the good news is that it does not hurt. In fact, quite the opposite is true. 

Women are not made for rigid material however the vagina will stretch to accommodate the adequately proportioned probe as well as your man’s penis irrespective of how much girth he thinks he has. 

The IDA vibrator is also completely waterproof, so keeping it hygienically clean is easy enough. Also, this makes adventurous lovemaking in the hot tub, shower or bath possible.

Lelo IDA vs. We-vibe

Lelo Ida pink and purple vibrator  in pink background

Although the We-Vibe and Lelo vibrators are both premium products and share similar features and functionality, there are some fundamental differences that you should be aware of. 

The We-Vibe Plus/Sync

The latest We-Vibe is made from medical grade silicone, which is smooth and soft. The internal and external arms are smaller than previous versions. The arm is also adjustable for a more customized fit. 

There is a free smartphone app which can be used as a remote control in addition to the remote it comes with. The bonus is that you can control the device from absolutely anywhere in the world with the smartphone app. 

The We-Vibe Sync is much like the We-Vibe Plus but has the beat mode and touch mode. Both internal and external arms vibrate at the same time, or you can choose to activate one at a time. Another handy feature is creating and recording your own preparation patterns. While some may feel the vibration, others may not. We-Vibe this comes in Pink, Slate, and Purple while the Sync model is available in Aqua and Purple.

The Lelo IDA

Is also made from 100% body safe silicone and contains an internal arm which rotates as well. The internal G-spot also rotates. It is a bit too rigid for anal and prostate play; however, while some men may enjoy the feeling of the G-spot arm bumping the up against the penis, others do not. It is available in Black, Deep rose and Cerise.

The IDA is very similar to the Tiani and in terms of features and functionality is almost identical. So if you’re wondering who the clear winner is when it comes to the Lelo IDA vs Tiani, they are exceptional couple’s vibrators. 


  • It contains regular controls and SenseMotion as well as gesture controlled patterns.
  • Easy to use 
  • Public play is possible
  • It is also wearable and can be used inside your panties while your partners controls it


  • It is expensive 
  • It only works with some positions, and there’s a good chance that it will move away with the thrusting of the penis. Although it holds better in missionary style, performance is not as great in other positions
  • It may not fit all body types
  • It can be noisy, so when using it for public play, ensure you are in an already loud area.

Lelo for Solo Play

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Using the device for couples play may have some challenges, unless you are fond of the missionary position. Alternatively, the vibe is great for foreplay and solo play. So if your partner is away, make good use of the IDA. Indulging in a little self love is nothing to be ashamed of and once you get to tilting and shaking the IDA remote and experience the variations of speeds and patterns, there’s no turning back. Also keep an eye out for our Lelo IDA vide coming soon. 

Who is the Lelo IDA Couple’s Massager designed for?

According to our Lelo IDA review, this is a couple’s massager. It is intended to spice up your love life and make the sexual experience more pleasurable. So ultimately, it is intended for use with your partner and is supposed to bring those mind blowing sensations to the entire experience. 

However, while some vibrations and patterns may bring pleasure to your partner, some may not. So it is important to play around with the different intensities and patterns so that you both find something you like. 

Alternatively, the IDA can also be used for solo play. In fact, lots of women have commented on enjoying it better on their own. So why not try it both ways and see what works for you. 

This is also a great sex toy for women who do not have lovers and who giving themselves a little self love. So as long as it feels good, this vibe is out there for all types of women and men. 

Where to Buy

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The IDA is available for purchase on sites like eBay and Amazon, however, buying it directly from the manufacturer does have its advantages. For one when you purchase form Lelo, your product is sent with all relevant warranties and guarantees. 

So in the event you have a defective product or it does not function as advertised, you can liaise directly with Lelo to get the issue resolved. The bonus is that you won’t have to go through third parties such as Amazon or eBay. 

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The Verdict

While there are hundreds of vibes on the market, the IDA rotates whilst inside your vagina and there aren’t many vibes that do that. The remote itself is an added feature and you do not need it to operate the device. 

The main shaft is inserted into your vagina and stimulates your G spot while the extended arm on the outside stimulates the clit.

The shaft that fits inside the vagina is smaller than the clitoral massager and provides sufficient space to rotate. 

Ultimately this device is designed to deliver pleasure by providing pressure and vibration. 

So if you want to add a premium quality product to your sex toy collection, why not choose the Lelo IDA today. It makes the perfect addition to your Lelo IDA passion party and any other sensuous affair.