Lelo Lyla 2 Review – Small But Powerful Hands-Free Vibrator

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Work and the social demands of everyday life tend to keep us busy. However, there are some needs that we have as humans that must be met some way or the other. 

Women have always taken the back burner when it comes to sexual appeasement, but now thanks to innovative and forward thinking sex toy manufacturer Lelo, they no longer have to. The Lelo Lyla 2 is one of Lelo’s state of the art sex gadgets promising to hit every sweet spot and make you quiver with pleasure. 

The Lelo Lyla 2 Review

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If you days when you don’t feel like working with a huge sex toy or vibrator and simply want to pop in, put your feet up and let the gadget do all the hard work, you are not alone. 

This is where toys such as the Lyla 2 come in handy. This is a hands-free vibe and fits like a glove. It also provides strong vibrations that more than make up for the lack of control and is able to go the distance. 

As mentioned before this is a completely hands-free vibe and is also designed to be wearable. Now it doesn’t get better than that. 

The Specifications

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This sex gadget is a combination of ABS plastic and 100% silicone. Therefore, it is entirely safe to use and really easy to clean. Warm soapy water and a good rinse will get the job done and give you squeaky clean toy. If you want to make extra sure that it is sanitized thoroughly then you should invest in special silicone cleaning solutions to achieve this. 

The Lyla 2 is more accurately descried as a bullet vibrator due to the fact that it is 3.2 inches in total and has an insertable length of 3.1 inches, which is almost the entire length of the toy. 

So it is relatively small and easy to wear unnoticed. As far as width goes, it is 1.3 inches in diameter at its widest point.

The part made from ABS plastic doubles as an excellent handle especially if you want some clitoral foreplay prior to insertion. The long string attached to it ensures that it doesn’t get lodged inside you longer than it has to be. 

For those interested in kegel workouts, the gadget weighs approximately 36 grams and this is confidently on the higher end of the scale. 

The noise level on this device is 50 decibels, and it can be compared to the same loudness as an average conversation or about 1/4 as loud as a busy street. 

The bonus is the remote control works for up to 39 feet away which is impressive. This is also one of the longest ranges recorded in sex toys of this type. 

Everything is controlled via this remote and there are eight vibration settings making it ideal for couple and solo play. 

The Lelo signature SenseTouch mode is also included in this model as is the case with many others. This features works by tilting, shaking and rotating the remote control around, which consequently causes the intensity in the vibrator to increase the faster you shake the remote. 

When it comes to battery life, this is one of the most impressive sex toys around. A two charge will give you an equivalent of 2 hours play time making this sexy gadget a heavy hitter. 

Although the charge time isn’t much to brag about, the usage time you get thereafter makes up for it. According to Lelo, the toy keeps a charge time of 90 days on standby, however it   is recommended that you charge it at least once every 40 days to improve and maintain battery life. 

How to Use the Lyla 2 

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It is worth noting that this device is very easy to insert and handle. The ABS plastic handle is great for getting a good grip while you insert the toy. Since the gadget is made from 100% silicone, you should avoid using any other lubricant but water-based lube with it. The water based lubricant enhances your experience and makes it slicker. 

The SenseTouch motion although not necessary given the variation of eight vibration settings, its good fun. What’s the point in having a sex toy that you can’t have fun with. So if your partner is up for it, this feature will give you both some erotic fun in the bedroom or where ever you please. 

As mentioned earlier, the more aggressively your partner shakes the remote, the more you will have. Power queens will definitely enjoy this feature and so will your other halves. 

This wearable vibe is discreet and makes for exciting public play if you’re up for it. The preset vibrations enhance your experience and come in to save the day when SenseTouch doesn’t go quite as planned. Perhaps the only challenge when using it in public is trying to keep a straight face or explaining why you have a smirk on your face. 

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The lower settings are quite subtle as you would expect and keeping a straight face is almost achievable. The higher settings on the other hand will really get you saddled up and ready to go. 

Bullet vibrators on a whole do not very powerful motors due to their small size, however, this one really packs a punch. The intensity of vibrations is enough to get you off one way or the other. For those who are particularly sensitive and enjoy sex toys that feel like sex toys instead of jack hammers, the Lyla 2 is your best bet. 

Don’t be put off by the small size. If you are not into solo play, or public play, it is still a great accessory to intercourse. Use it as a clitoral stimulator to get you aroused while making love to your partner. 

The small size in this case is actually a bonus and won’t get in the way while you are bumping and grinding. Some settings are more rumbly and go all way through the clitoral tissue while others are subtle and meant for light teasing of the clit. 

You can also make vibrating panties out of these bullets since they are so small. It works like a charm as long as you remember to add a bit of water based lube between the ABS plastic and silicone part. Using these wearable panties will probably get you off in 15 minutes or so. 

Some key features of the Lelo Lyla 2:

  • It quiet and discreet
  • There are a total of eight vibration settings to explore
  • It is operated by remote control and has a range of 39 feet
  • It is a dual vibrator ideal for internal and external use
  • The attached string ensures that it doesn’t get lodged inside you
  • It needs two hours of charging to provide you with two hours of play

Who is it designed for?

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The Lyla two is for die hard bullet vibe fans. Dynamite comes in small packages and this is definitely the case with this sex gadget. It is a miniature pleasure tool designed for any women who wants to take her sexual enhancement to new heights. 

For those who do not have partners and want to engage in solo play, it is great and will get the job done. For women, who have partner and want to explore something a little different during couple’s play, this is an equally smart choice. 

The Lyla 2 is one of Lelo’s state of the art products and is therefore versatile. If you are into some freaky public play, this sex toy will become your best friend. Ultimately, it is designed to provide fun and tons of pleasure in and out of the bedroom. 

If you already own other Lelo products then you should be rushing off to buy this one as it is the ultimate addition to your Lelo sex toy collection. 

Where to Buy 

Although the Lyla 2 is available in various online stores, it is recommended that you purchase it directly from the manufacturer. Buying from Lelo directly has its advantages. For one, if the item happens to be defective or dead on arrival, you can deal directly with Lelo to get the issue resolved. 

Likewise, if it happens to break easily or does not work as specified, you can get assistance from Lelo, without having to go through any third parties. 

The Verdict

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The Lelo Lyla is a one of a kind sex toy made to fulfil your every whim. It is one of those toys that will make you scream with pleasure. Irrespective of whether you want it for solo play or couples play it is a great addition to your sex toy collection. 

For solo play it is enough to arouse, get you off and leave you smiling all the way home. If you want to use it with your partner, then it will enhance your sexual experience.  It is small enough to fit comfortably between you and your partner during foreplay. So use it for some clitoral stimulation, while your partner takes care of penetration. 

You can also use it as a wearable vibrator. So have some freaky fun in public because it is discreet and small enough to slip and stay inside you snugly. 

So if you are looking for a nice addition to spice up your sex toy collection and bring the spark back into your life, choose the Lyla 2. It will give you hours of pleasure whether you are alone or with your partner. 

So why not invest in a premium sex gadget that will last you for years to come.