Lelo Elise 2 Review – The Bold & Daring Vibrator

lelo elise 2 vibrator review

The Lelo Elise 2 is a premium vibrator that is nothing short of epic. There are many words to describe it: big, fulfilling and filling are just a few. This personal massager is great for those who are vibrator aficionados and enjoy power trips. Not only is it a G spot vibrator but can be used as a clitoral vibe as well. So you get dual pleasure with one high quality product. 

It is also much larger than your average clit or G Spot vibrator, so if you prefer that fuller feeling or like vibes that are girthy, then this will work for you. It is solid and sturdy so it’s also great for those who want a vibe that holds it shape throughout use. 


According to our Lelo Elise 2 review, the Elise 2 is an upgrade of the original Lelo Elise. This manufacturer has a habit of regularly releasing newer and improved versions of its products and when it comes to the Elise 2, it doesn’t get much better than this. 


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The Elise 2 by Lelo is one of the largest toys offered by this company. This is evident when compared to other models such as the Iris and Ella. The Elise 2 has an insertable length of 5.25 inches and is approximately 8.7 inches long. The rest of the length is dedicated to the handle which also has a control panel. 

The vibe has a slightly curved shape and tapers towards the middle and then expands into the bulbous end. The entire circumference of the vibrator is 4.5 inches and while it may seem large it is just the right size. The girth and length is near optimal as it is not too thick nor is it too long. 

As is the case with all Lelo’s products the outer case is made from the company’s signature material which is 100% medical grade silicone. Both the silicone and the ABS plastic are Phthalates free and non-porous as well.  

The matte finish is very smooth and has a velvety touch. If you want a vibe that is solid and holds its shape this is the one. It doesn’t bend or yield even a little. 

The Motors

The Elise has two motors that power it. One is located at the base and the other at the top. The motor at the top is responsible for most of the hard work and pleasuring sensations, while the motor at the lower end or base buzzes along. Ultimately the bottom motor simply enhances and compliments the work that the top motor is doing. 

When you insert the vibe it starts to work on your G spot. The lower motor also works to support the motor at the top. Ultimately, this leads to a really fulfilling orgasm. 


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There are four buttons laid out is a plus shape and the control panel has a circular shape. The vibration patterns are controlled by up and down arrows while the plus and minus button controls the intensity of the vibrations. 

Vibration intensity can be increased by pressing on the plus button. The minus button has the opposite effect and decreases the vibration intensity. The arrow sign also allows you to circle through the 8 different patterns and 9 modes of intensity. 

Is it Waterproof?

This is a huge range of options and sure to suit any preference. The pattern and intensity of your choice is locked in by holding the plus or minus button for a period of five seconds. Do this again to unlock the control. 

Like most other sex toys this one is also waterproof bringing with it a range of possibilities. Feel free to enjoy some aquatic fun in the shower or bath tub with this great feature. Cleaning is also relatively easy since it is waterproof. So all you need to do is wash it with a solution of your choice and rinse it under warm water. 


This vibe contains a rechargeable Lion battery. You need to charge it via the USB charger plugged at the very base. 

Once it is on charge a light at the control panel will blink to show that the battery is charging. This light stays on for the duration of the charging.

A full charge takes approximately 2 hours, but the first charge could take longer. After a full charge the battery will last you four hours. Higher intensities and different patterns may cause the battery to drain quicker, so just be aware of that. 

Using the Lelo on your G Spot 

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If you are a fan of G Spot stimulation and orgasms, then this is definitely the vibe for you. It’s primary purpose is to penetrate and arouse the G Spot. Therefore the slightly curved shape ensures that it works wonders for your sweet spot. There are a variety of patterns and vibration intensities to help you on your way to G Spot orgasm. 

This vibe is above average in size and this should be noted when inserting it. You should also be aware of the fact that it is not very flexible. So avoid hurting yourself and proceed with caution. Take it easy as you get accustomed to the different patterns and vibration intensities. 

The vibe does have a natural angle this makes it comfortable when inserting. However, you still need to use lubricant. Water based lube is recommended as other types may cause damage to the silicone material. 

Using the Lelo Elise as a Clitoral Vibe

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When it comes to clitoral stimulation, this vibe works wonders too. Simply choose your preferred pattern and enjoy the arousal. Use one or both motors to stimulate the labia and clit. 

Since it is quite large it is not made adequately for clitoral stimulation. So although it gets the job done, don’t expect pin-point clitoral arousal. It may come across as heavy and cumbersome for clit usage. 

If you already have a clit or bullet vibe then stick to it. Alternatively, why not use your bullet vibe in combination with your Elise 2 for dual stimulation. 


  • The Elise 2 is battery powered
  • It has two motors
  • It is large and a bit heavier than other G Spot vibes
  • It contains several intensities and patterns
  • Easy accessible controls


  • It could be more powerful

Who is it designed for?

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The Elise is definitely for G Spot orgasm fanatics. If you value G Spot stimulation above all else then this is a must have. It is one of the sex toys that you will regret not buying. 

The curved shape is ideal and designed specifically for arousing and pleasuring the G Spot. It is also not a flexible vibe so if you like using vibes that hold their shape even during use, this is the one. 

For women who do not have partners, it is a nice way to give yourself a little love. If your partner travels a lot and you need some TLC, simply pull out your Elise 2 and have some solo fun. 

It may be a little too large for using it with your partner and therefore is more suited to solo play. It is also too big for public play. However, if you want self-pleasuring fun, then this is your best bet. 

Some women are fans of bullet vibes and others are not due to their tiny size. So for all those women who want a vibe that the can actually hold nicely in their hands the Elise 2 is here to stay. 

It has length and girth and is the ideal replacement for your partner when he is not at home. So there should be no more lonely nights with the Elise. Simply whip it out after a long day and work, lube it up and be ready for an earth shattering orgasm. 

Where to Buy

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Although it is sold in various online stores such as Amazon, we recommend that you buy it from the manufacturer. When you make your purchase directly from Lelo, you have all the warranties and guarantees that come along with this product. 

So in the event you have any problems with the item in future, you can deal with Lelo directly to get it resolved. This eliminates the middle man and ensures that you

Get your issues resolved in a timely manner. 

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Reasons to Buy

This vibe is nicely shapes and curved for G Spot stimulation. It can also double as a clitoral vibrator. The power, while not the strongest on the market, is adequate enough for climaxing. 

It is also super quiet and that is one feature often over-looked by many sex toy manufacturers. So you can use this vibrator with peace of mind knowing that it is incredibly discreet. 

It is not only body safe but waterproof as well. It also has a luxurious and elegant design which earns it bonus points. 

The travel lock feature is not only useful but definitely practical. The run time after a full charge is also pretty decent.

 The Verdict

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This vibe is a versatile and sexually fulfilling toy. It is also waterproof making it easy to use in the bath tub or shower. 

Like everything though, it all boils down to your personal preference. It is quite a large toy and has some weight on it and this is fine if you prefer it this way. For those who don’t you would be better off with a bullet vibe. 

The slightly curved shape makes it ideal for G Spot stimulation although it works well as a clit vibe too. It may not get the job done as accurately as a bullet vibe but it surely gets it done. 

Lelo is also a premium name in the sex toy industry and is synonymous with high-quality and luxury. So if you are going to invest in a vibrator, it might as well be from Lelo. 

So if you don’t mind being bold and daring then go for this large G Spot vibe and experience what many other users already have.