Lelo Ora 2 Review

Lelo ora 2 vibrator package

Something most talked about in relationships is whether your partner is doing enough, or doing it long enough. It is no secret that woman need lots of stimulation, clitoral stimulation to be exact in order to climax. And a tongue is something that all the ladies are keen on. If you’re one of them, then the Lelo Ora 2 is a vibrating sex tongue that is created to mimic the feeling of oral sex.

It definitely doesn’t feel like your partner however it does feel pretty good. The Ora 2 by Lelo is a sleek and intuitive heavy hitter. It’s approximately 3.2″ and received the 2014 grand prize for product design at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. So that said, it really is a wonderful device.

The Lelo Ora 2 Review

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According to many Lelo Ora 2 reviews, the Lelo Ora resembles a dog walking leash. It is a circular device which is approximately 3.2 inches and 1.7 inches wide. It has a hole through the center designed so you can hold on to it while it flicks, swirls and leads you to orgasm.

The part of the device that actually mimics the human tongue is found at the front of the housing. There’s a small nub in the lower layer of medical grade silicone that mimics the tongue as it flicks, swirls and most of all vibrates. In fact, it’s powerful enough to outclass any battery-powered vibrator on the market today.

LELO Ora 2 Oral Sex Simulator in Black

A fair amount of time and effort went into creating the Ora 2 and that is evident when you use it for the first time.

The Ora is also 100% waterproof meaning that you can use it inside the bedroom and into the shower as well.


The Ora is tended to offer 10 modes of stimulation which is over and above its other more impressive features. It’s supports something known as a SenseTouch technology. What this basically means is that the harder you press the device against your clit, the stronger the vibrations become and the faster the tongue flicking becomes. You can choose to use any one of the 10 vibration modes or switch to SenseTouch mode and let the Ora automatically lead you to climax.

The tongue itself is not just a nub going around in circles under a layer of silicone. In fact, it’s intended to replicate real life tongue as best as they could. So that said, the tongue flicking back and forth or swirling around offers a more tantalizing experience. There are similar products on the market however they simply do not simulate a human tongue the way the Ora does. The vibration modes range from low intensity which is more like a slight murmur to the high intensity which is the Richter scale level. This is especially when the SenseTouch feature is activated.

With a variety of 10 different vibration modes, you’ll never be bored. Furthermore, you will definitely find a mode that you like the best. So there is something for everyone here. In order to control which setting the device is set to, you will use the button in the middle of the handle that is on the opposite side of the tongue controls. The minus button is used to customize the intensity of each setting. Ultimately, it delivers a combination of pulses, flicks, waves, and varying intensity.

The device is also rechargeable meaning that the battery is more powerful than an AA battery for example.

How to Use Lelo Ora 2

LELO Ora 2 Oral Sex Simulator in Black

It is recommended that prior to using your Ora 2 for the first time that you charge it fully. By pressing the plus and minus buttons for a couple of seconds you will unlock the device. This is a great feature because it won’t have your entire nightstand rattlin in case it accidentally turns on. Thereafter, holding down on the plus button three seconds will switch the device on.

The nub is realistic and provides waves of pleasure. It’s not just surface pleasure but you can feel the stimulation deep down on the inner parts of your clitoris. Some people describe it as a clitoral stimulator and others have described it as an oral sex simulator.

Ultimately, the pleasure it provides is unparalleled. The Ora 2 is actually an upgrade of the Lelo Ora. Perhaps one of the most significant differences between the Ora and the Ora 2 is that the nub on the Ora 2 is bigger. So the pleasure you feel is also intensified by this improved feature. The device provides 180° flicks and 360° swirls.

Ultimately, you can choose to use it with water-based lube as it enhances the experience or you can choose to use it on your skin as is. However, water-based lubricant will make the experience better.

Vibration Settings

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It’s worth mentioning that the vibration settings are crazy. Not only will you experience strong pulses and undulating waves of pleasure, but the vibrations itself don’t come from the nub and instead resonate from the edges of the silicone pad. So in order to get the most out of the vibration experience you have to hold the device at an angle. That said, there is a bit of a learning curve, however, once you master it will you will get the full potential of the Ora 2.

So ultimately you are not just stuck with pulses and flicks, but swirls as well. In fact, there is a combination of different settings that you can use to fully customize your experience.

One of the most noteworthy features on this device is the SenseTouch technology. When you hold down on the middle button for five seconds, the SenseTouch feature is activated. In this mode, the vibration and movement of the tongue vary depending on how much pressure is applied to your body with the device.

However, this device is quite sensitive and responds pretty well to changes in pressure. So ultimately while you are still getting accustomed to the different vibrations and settings, you can always activate the SenseTouch technology which is automatic after pressing the button for five seconds. So all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait to climax.

The Performance

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Although the Ora 2 comes with a full instructional manual, you might have to do some experimentation on your own to find what works for you. The button placement can be a bit awkward at times as well. One of the most popular settings on this device is a half circle with a steady vibration which most users seem to enjoy.

It does take quite a bit of manoeuvring to find that sweet spot however the same can be said for other clit stimulators on the market. So you should play around with the device for a while until you locate the ideal spot that does it for you.

Some users believe that the vibrations are not strong enough, for those who enjoy subtle sensations this product would be ideal.

The SenseTouch function is probably one of the most notable features on this device. For those who prefer light and sensuous stimulation, this is the ideal product. So it’s specially designed for people who have sensitive intimate parts and don’t like strong vibrations.

Cleaning and Maintaining

Cleaning and maintaining the Ora 2 is relatively easy thanks to the waterproof design. This means that you can wash it with a disinfectant or soap and warm water. Ensure that you thoroughly dry the device and allow it to dry completely before packing it away.

When it comes to using lubricants, ensure that only water-based are used on this device like any other type of lube such as oil or silicone based, can damage the silicone material. However, if you clean it before and after use and use it with the appropriate product and accessories, it should last you for years to come.

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The Verdict

Lelo Ora 2 mint colour in hand with glasses on table

Whether you want to engage in oral sex with your partner or you just want some solo play, this is the real thing. The Ora 2 is the ultimate simulation of oral sex. Lelo is known as a luxury name in the sex industry and for good reason. This is a sleek, innovative, durable and tantalizing device would deliver hours of sensual pleasure for years to come. The fake tongue feels surprisingly real on your clit and vagina and becomes addictive.

The range of vibrations that are offered makes it clear that a great deal of time and effort went into creating this device. Every vibration pattern and intensity can be customized to your liking.

Perhaps one of the only drawbacks is that the hole for your hand is quite small and aside from that, there’s nothing bad to say about the Ora 2.

According to our Lelo Ora 2 review, the product is available on Amazon, however, while reviewing the found that it is best to make your purchase directly from the manufacturer. The Lelo Ora 2 price may be a bit on the high end as compared to other stimulators however ultimately you do get what you pay for. So this is actually a great investment that will last you for years to come.