Lelo Siri Review – A Vibrator For Power Queens

Lelo Siri package

When it comes to clitoral vibrators, the Lelo Siri is top of the line. It is a multi-speed and pattern vibe, which is also rechargeable. The Siri is made from plastic and silicone; however, it is only the silicone parts that have direct contact with your skin. It is splash proof, however, not waterproof and has a simple four-button interface. It also has a handy travel lock system. The Lelo Siri is a purple vibe and is free from phthalates. The silicone covered vibrator is oval shaped and has a white plastic controller end. All the controls are in this central area, which is clearly marked. The Siri is mobile and discreet in size at just 3.5 inches long and 1.75 inches wide. The Siri is rechargeable and 2 hours of charge gives you 4 hours of play, which is pretty decent. 

The functions are controlled by the four button interfaces. The plus and minus are used to power the device on and move the settings up and down. The top and bottom arrows can be used to scroll through the various modes, which are:

1. Pulse vibration

2. Steady vibration

3. Faster pulse vibration

4. Wave vibration

5. Escalate vibration

6. A mixture of vibes and patterns. 

For power queens, number one and three are ideal. These modes provide a steady vibration at maximum power, and the vibes are deep and rumbly. 

Since this device is covered in silicone, you should only use it with water based lube. Using any other type of lubricant with it will damage the silicone material. 

This vibe is easy to hold in your hands and therefore, easy to use.

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This device is made to be held comfortably in hand and much easier to hold than other narrower devices like. However, it appears that the buttons can be a little awkward at times. So you should expect to press buttons accidentally on more than one occasion. 

However, one thing is for sure, and that is it definitely does not resemble a sex toy. However, not everyone is concerned about whether their sex actually looks like a sex toy so if you would like to introduce a sex toy to a friend or partner, what better way to do it than with the discreet Lelo Siri. 


The shade of pink used in the Siri is nothing short of stunning and eye-catching. It’s not loud; however, it is more soft and feminine pink. For those who are not pink lovers, you have a choice between red and purple as well. 


The Siri is made from 100% medical grade silicone, which is also body safe. The handle is made from ABS plastic and is the entire vibe is nontoxic and phthalates free. 


This is by no means the strongest vibrator on the market, and much like it’s color, it offers soft and subtle vibes. In terms of vibration strength, the Siri gets a solid and confident 6 out of 10. So this is especially for women who have sensitive genitals and clitoral areas. For some women, however, only the highest speed is enough to bring them to orgasm. 

The shape of the device implies that it is suitable for both pin-point and broader stimulation. However, since most of the vibration power can be found at the tip, then it is more for pin-point stimulation. 

Perhaps the only drawback is that a lot of the vibration gets lost in the ABS plastic handle and this is something that Lelo could work on. 

The vibrations are rumbly when on the lowest speeds and buzzy on the higher speeds. It can be compared to the Lelo Mona 2 at the lower settings. Ultimately, you get a rumbly purr of pleasure out of this vibe, and it’s definitely enough to take you down the road to orgasm. 


Lelo siri purple vibrator

This device is surprisingly quiet. The highest speed can be heard in the same bedroom but not through bedroom walls. The sounds may also be muffled under blankets. So for those who are worried about keeping their pleasure sessions discreet, this is ideal. 

Additional features

The Siri is rechargeable and plugs directly into the wall. While it is charging, a white LED light will blink, and it will take approximately 2 hours to charge fully. Once completely charged, it would give you several hours of play. 

Waterproof Capabilities

It is important to take note that the Siri is not waterproof. This is definitely a disadvantage compared to the previous versions of Lelo’s products. It also makes it hard to clean and maintain. There are gaps present on either side of the device, and this makes it even more tedious to clean.

Lelo Siri 2

Lelo siri 2 purple in package

The Lelo Siri 2 is a petite and lightweight vibrator; however, this is no indication of the punch it packs. It’s ergonomic and beautiful to look at while being small and easy to hold and store away. It is a travels dream as well, thanks to its mobility and discreet appearance. 

The device is 2 inches wide, 4 inches long and 4.5 inches around the largest point and is thin, long and round. 

The part that holds the controls is thinner and feels rather smooth. If you want a vibe that looks elegant, classy, and sleek, this is the one. 

Unlike the Siri, the upgraded version is completely waterproof and therefore submersible. This makes it easy to clean and maintain, as well. 

The vibration and power on this device will blow your mind. It also has enough variety, and high quality features to impress your clitoris. The device takes 15 minutes to charge, literally and gives you 2 hours of use. 

The buttons need to be touched and activated. However, since they are slightly recessed, it takes longer and harder press to change the settings. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about accidentally changing the settings in the middle of using it. 

The Siri 2 by Lelo has a series of vibrations and eight distinct vibration patterns. It also has an ambient sound controlled setting. The patterns are controlled by arrows, and there are pre-set patterns to choose as well. Some of the more common patterns on the Siri 2 are:

1. Classical 

2. Rumba 

3. Reggae 

4. Hip Hop

5. Folk

6. Soul

7. Jazz

8. Techno

The Jazz setting is designed to be ambient noise controlled. What this means is the music around you is what controls it. The vibrations jump around and feel more random than customized. There’s a hole at the back of the plastic portion of the toy, and this picks up sound. 

When you hold the vibe up to music, it pulses for a few seconds, and this seems to correspond more with your own pulse than the sounds around you. However, when you hold it up to music, it is definitely vibrating to something. However, the vibrations do feel pretty random.

Lelo siri 2 package


The Siri 2 is sleek, comfortable, classy and discreet

It is USB rechargeable

There are rumbly and strong vibration and patterns

There are great accessories included


The music feature which is supposed to make the vibration correspond to the beat of the music does not work as advertised. 

Who is it designed for?

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The Lelo Siri Personal Massager is one of those toys designed for power queens. It is for single women who want a little self-love now and again, and women who have partners can also use it. 

In fact, it is primarily for women who want to spice things up with their partners. The Siri can be used during sexual intercourse with your partner and enhance the penetrative sensation for you and also further arouse your man. 

So if you are looking for an exciting sex gadget that is going to add that extra Oomph to your love life, the Siri is an excellent choice. 

Men can experience just as much pleasure from this device as it sends vibrations through your shaft and prostate. So this is not merely a women’s sex toy but intended to please both males and females. 

Where to Buy

The Siri Lelo 2 is available in various online stores such as Amazon. However, purchasing the product directly from the manufacturer is recommended as you get more peace of mind when you buy from Lelo. In addition to this you get a all the relevant guarantees and warranties with the product as well. 

So in the event you have a defective product or it breaks soon after buying, you can deal directly with Lelo instead of going through third parties. Ultimately this means your issue get resolved quicker. 

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The Verdict

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If you are looking for a one of a kind sex toy vibrator, this is the one. It is great for all women, both single and in relationships. The sexy gadget is also for women who are bored with their sex lives and for those who are not bored, but simply want to try new things. 

It has all the features and functions that you are already accustomed to if you have used the Lelo range before. However, the Siri is an upgrade of all previous Lelo vibrators, so expect bonus features and state of the art functions. 

While the original Siri is not waterproof, the Siri 2 is completely waterproof and this is a major advantage since clean up is a breeze. All you do is wash with warm soapy water and rinse. Thereafter, allow the vibrator to dry completely before packing it away. 

The Siri 2 is also portable and this allows it to store away discreetly when traveling. It also does not look like an obvious sex toy and this is great for people who don’t like disclosing their inclination for sex gadgets. 

Our Lelo Siri 2 review concludes that this device is the ultimate couple’s play gadget.