Lelo Lily 2 Review – The Scented Vibrator That You Need

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Do you want to add something unique to your vibrator collection? Ever heard of scented vibrators? Well, the Lily 2 is Lelo’s first scented vibe and is an excellent sex toy at that. There are a variety of 3 fragrances including lavender and honey, Bordeaux and chocolat as well as rose and wisteria. 

These scents were selected for their aphrodisiac properties. According to certain studies, the scent of lavender and chocolate increase blood flow to the penis and clitoris causing arousal. 

The Lily 2 Review

The Lily 2 is an upgrade of the original Lily and is a bit bigger. It is approximately 3 inches in length and has a maximum width of 1.5 inches. 

The upgraded Lily is fully waterproof, unlike the original one which is a bonus. This means that you can take it along to the bath or shower for some aquatic adventure. 

The improved Lily also includes a variety of eight stimulation modes whereas the original Lily only had the option to increase of decrease the vibration intensity. 

The improved Lily is also much more powerful than the older model and enables you to reach orgasm quickly. 

How to Use

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The Lily 2 needs to be completely charged before you can use it. This is a rechargeable sex toy and there is no need to fuss over batteries. 

Perhaps one of the drawbacks of this device is that the buttons are hard to press. This also makes the entire process frustrating to an extent. 

While using the device, you can press the + button to increase the intensity. However, this can be a bit tricky as the device has the tendency to flip over onto “patterns” mode by accident. So you need to be careful with this. 

Once you enter the patterns mode though, you will have a choice of 7 modes to discover and enjoy. The patterns are as follows: 

1. Ascending

2. Randomized pulse and pattern

3. Slow Oscillation

4. 2 tone pulse

5. Fastest 2 tone pulse

6. Medium speed 2 tone pulse

7. Another oscillating pattern 

The Lily 2 is said to have eight modes and the weight mode is in fact the pattern that starts when you first switch on the gadget. 

The Design

Lelo lily 2 pink vibrator with flowers

The Lily 2 is quite a petite device. It is also ergonomically designed and easily controlled. The gadget comfortably rests on any area of your body. Since it resembles the shape of an egg, it moves from a wider base to a round and targeted tip. 

Both ends can be used to bring stimulation. There’s also a noticeable bend in the device about halfway up. This bend allows it to fit the contours of your body and is especially handy for clitoral stimulation. 

It also fits snugly between you and your partner during sexual intercourse. So while he thrusts away, you can use the gadget to arouse and stimulate your clit. 

The device only has two buttons and it doesn’t get more user friendly than that. 

The button on the right hand side is used to switch on the device and increase the vibration intensity while the button on the left is used to change to different modes and ultimately switch off the device. 

The travel lock feature is practical and there will be no embarrassing incidents due to accidentally turning on your ex toy in public. The lock function ensures that this toy is travel friendly and remains quiet when not in use. 


The toy itself is quiet and does not produce loud noise. The vibration sound is light even on the highest setting. This makes it ideal if you share a home with other people or have thin walls. 

Cleaning and Care

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Since the gadget is waterproof, it is easy to wash and keep clean. A little bit of warm, soapy water will do the trick and if you really want to disinfect it, invest in a silicone sanitizing solution to get your toy squeaky clean. Also ensure that it is dried thoroughly prior to putting it away. 

You should also be aware that only water based lubricant is recommended for use with this toy. Using silicone lube may cause irreversible damage to the delicate silicone on your sex gadget. 


The strong motor ensures strong vibration. 

It is waterproof and easy to clean

The gadget has a good battery life, as is the case with most Lelo products. This high end sex toy gives you 4 hours if fun once it is fully charged. 


The buttons are tiny, sticky and you need to press it really hard which is annoying.

The lower speeds can only be used with the continuous vibration mode and not with other patterns

Who is it designed for?

Lelo lily 2 purple with pink flowers

The Lily 2 is designed for women who are die hard Lelo fans. If you already own a few Lelo products then you’ll definitely want to add this one to your collection. 

The Lily 2 is a great sex toy for women since it is key to climaxing. Most women cannot climax unless they have clitoral stimulation. Vaginal penetration is not enough to bring a woman to orgasm. 

The Lily two is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly on the contours of your body. So it can be used to stimulate your clitoris during solo play or couple’s play. 

During couple’s play, the Lily 2 is small enough to fit nicely between you and your partner. So it can be used to spice things up, especially for you. Most women find that using the Lily 2 for clitoral stimulation, while their partner is thrusting, is the winning combination for a mind blowing orgasm. 

The Lily by Lelo is great for self love sessions as well. So if you do not have a partner, your needs can still be met. That’s the beauty of the Lelo Lily vibe. 

Where to Buy

According to our Lelo Lily review, the vibe can be purchased online at stores like Amazon. However, we recommend that you make your purchase from the manufacturer directly. When buy direct from Lelo, you will receive all the relevant guarantees and warrantees. So buy smart and invest in a great device from a reputable and world class manufacturer. 

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The Verdict

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The Lelo Lily massager is one of the best clitoral stimulators on the market. This delicious vibe has the power and ability to deliver unforgettable orgasms and still remain discreet. The device is curved so the vibrations are on point and go exactly where they are directed. The scented material used on this sex gadget smells good and acts as a sort of aphrodisiac. This vibe is also more rigid than it is pliable. This also helps to direct the vibration strength where you want it. So ultimately, this sex toy is one of the best investments you can make into your own sexual satisfaction.