Best Thrusting Vibrator & Vibrating Dildo

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If you are familiar with the female sex toy market, you probably know that there are a variety of different sex toys. The most popular ones on the market seem to be vibrators. However, even with vibrators, there are various different types designed to offer unique sensations when in use.

Some vibrators are designed to offer more stimulation to the clit while others stimulate the G spot, and some provide dual benefits. Then again for a woman who enjoys a good thrust, vibrators that offer this function are available.

Scientifically, only the first 1/3 is of the vagina is able to sense touch, and the other two thirds can only sense stretch and pressure. This is due to how the nerve receptors are created.

So by adding pressure to the vagina wall, the stretch and pressure receptors are activated and provide you with an amazing sensation. The pressure needs to be taken away and re-introduced in order for you to continue enjoying the sensations. So typically when women see thrusting vibrators on the market, they will grab it.

Many of these vibes have an extended arm to provide stimulation to the clitoris, and this definitely makes the thrusting more enjoyable.

The only other devices that can offer the same thrusting sensation are sex machines. However these are extremely expensive, so thrusting vibrators allow you to enjoy these same sensations at an affordable price range.

Thrusting Vibrator Reviews

The Experts Choice

Fun Factory Stronic Bi Fusion Rechargeable Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

Fun Factory Stronic Bi Fusion Rechargeable Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

The Fun Factory Stronic Bi Fusion Rechargeable Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator is a highly sought after sex toy and highly stimulating to say the least. It boasts a 4-inch insertable length and an impressive 6-inch circumference. Ideally, it is suited to experienced users who are looking for extensive stimulation.

Since this is a rabbit vibe, it also offers clit stimulating as well as G spot and vaginal stimulation. The shape of the vibe makes it perfect for hitting all your sweet spots.

That said, this thrusting vibrator comes with a large amount of variation as well. It includes eight different vibration patterns to customize your experience as well as six different vibration strengths to tailor make your session.

After a full charge, you’re guaranteed to get approximately 120 minutes use out of the vibrator, and it is rechargeable via a USB charger. It is also submersible so feel free to use it in the tub or shower. The fun factory Stronic Bi is a bit on the expensive side; however, it is packed full of features and high levels of stimulation.

Therefore, it is our expert’s choice for experienced users looking for thrusting vibes that pack a bit more punch.

The Contender

The Maia Max Rechargeable Waterproof Silicone Thrusting Vibrator

The Maia Max Rechargeable Waterproof Silicone Thrusting Vibrator

The Maia Max Rechargeable Waterproof Silicone Thrusting Vibrator is waterproof and has a total of 10 different vibration functions. Not only does it vibrate, but pulsates and thrusts as well.

This highly stimulating model is also USB rechargeable. It has a battery life of approximately three hours, which is quite impressive and long-lasting. It also has a remote that operates from up to 30 feet away which makes it convenient for partner play, although it’s great for solo play too. In fact, the insertable length is 5 inches, and at this price range, it sure does pack a punch.

So if you’re looking for a great thrusting vibrator which is packed full of different vibrations, pulsating and thrusting functionalities, it is out there. If you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it, we suggest you go for this model as it is affordable and gives you value for money.

The Bargain

The Jack Rabbit Signature Thrusting Rabbit

The Jack Rabbit Signature Thrusting Rabbit

The Jack Rabbit Signature Thrusting Rabbit is one of the most stimulating vibes out there. It comes in three different thrusting variations and contains seven different vibration variations. This makes it possible for you to customize the different forms of stimulation you want during each session.

To top it off this vibe is also waterproof making it suitable for shower or bath sessions. It is USB rechargeable so don’t have to bother with buying batteries and so on. The Jack Rabbit is also soft and has an extended arm for clit stimulation, which always spices things up. It’s also easy to clean and priced right.

If you are looking for all the features and functionality of a high-end thrusting vibrator at an affordable price, then this is your best pick. It’s suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.

Thrusting Anal Vibrator

Booty Blaster 10 Function Thrusting Vibrating Butt Plug

Booty Blaster 10 Function Thrusting Vibrating Butt Plug

If you are into some back door pleasure, then this anal thrusting vibrator is for you. It comes in seven different vibration speeds making it a dynamic and variation- rich toy. It also has an extra three thrusting pattern variations to tickle your senses and enhance the entire experience.

The Booty Blaster 10 function thrusting vibrating butt plug has a suction cup base which makes it ideal for hands-free play and also keeps it clean, which is even more of a pleasure to use. It is one of the cheaper vibrators’ on the market, making it extremely affordable if anyone wants to own an anal vibrator.

Not only is it great value for money but a great addition to any of your existing sex toy collections. However, it does take batteries, so changing them can tend to become cumbersome.

The Benefits of Using a Dildo

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Thrusting dildos work in much the same way as an ordinary dildo except that it thrusts. So it offers much more fulfilling and sensual pleasure than an ordinary dildo. For those who haven’t used a thrusting dildo before, there are several benefits to using one.

It Will Elevate Your Mood

Thrusting dildos will satisfy you to the point where you feel relieved, relaxed, and have an increased sense of euphoria. It allows you to have the perfect erotic fulfilment, which can often be better than real sex.

In fact, these devices can be used and as an alternative to a real penis. It also gives greater enjoyment during couples play. Consequently, climaxing gives you sexual fulfilment as well as a heightened sense of self-esteem.

Great Exploration

When you make use of a new vibrating dildo by yourself, you will explore erogenous areas of your body that you probably didn’t know exist. It’s also great fun to experiment with different types, sizes, and depths as well. So this an excellent option if you want to try a vibrating dildo without the anxiety or possibility of embarrassment. Once you’ve mastered it, you will gain the confidence to move on to partner play with your dildo. However, the key is that practice makes perfect.

It Stimulates Your Senses

The stimulation you feel from using a vibrating dildo cannot be compared to anything else, not even real sex. For couples, it can significantly improve their sex life. This is because your partner gets to learn about the type of thrusting you enjoy, and hence, your partner will learn how to satisfy you better.

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Sexual Relief

A vibrating thrusting dildo is perhaps a life-saving situation when your partner has a habit of climaxing before you. It is also great for those days when your partner is not in the mood. So in these situations, you can still use your thrusting dildo to get off, even if your man has an orgasm well before you. It’s a great way to ensure you are always sexually satisfied.

Genital Therapy

Thrusting dildos can assist you in strengthening your kegel muscular tissues. Additional it enhances your sexual performance and ability to orgasm.

For women who are new to sex, practice with a dildo can help make the experience less intimidating. It will also help make the experience less painful. Dildos improve the elasticity of the vagina, hence making intercourse with your partner better.

Thrusting Dildos are Safe Sex

Vibrating and thrusting dildos are a much safer option when it comes to having intercourse. You will avoid the risks associated with having multiple sexual partners, thereby enjoying safe sex. However, your thrusting dildo will need to be kept clean and hygienic at all times, and as long as this is done, it is 100% safe for you to use.

Nalone Wave Thrusting and Pulsating Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Nalone Wave Thrusting and Pulsating Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

If it’s an explosive climax that you are looking for, you’re definitely going to get it the Nalone Wave Thrusting and Pulsating Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator. This rabbit type dildo not only pulsates but thrusts and vibrators as well.

Ultimately, it reaches your most sensitive spots and makes you quiver. The silicone is smooth and velvet-like, and the shaft is firm with extracting beads that pulsate in a variation of 3 speeds. Ultimately it reaches every pleasure spot you have.

Meanwhile, it has a realistically shaped head shaft in seven different patterns and provides you with deep internal arousal. It also has one single rabbit ear which is thick and is also independently controlled with five speeds and patterns.

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This independently controlled motor tickles your clitoris to provide pure pleasure. The Rabbit dildo is also rechargeable, waterproof, and has a child lock. For maximum enjoyment, feel free to apply a generous amount of water based lube.

It’s also 100% waterproof, ensuring you can use it in the bathtub, shower or even make use of it in your hot tub. This is perhaps one of the most popular thrusting dildos out there since it provides a plethora of features and benefits for the user.

So if you have never tried a thrusting dildo before, why not start with this one. It may not be the cheapest one, but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. It offers you a variety of different sensations, speed settings, and waterproof capabilities.

It also contains a travel lock to prevent accidental activation and prevents those embarrassing moments. The Nalone Wave Thrusting and Pulsating Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator comes with a handy drawstring storage bag which also makes it convenient when traveling.

Thrusting Anal Vibrator

Thrusting Anal Vibrator

Although a certain stigma exists at around anal sex, regardless of gender, butt stuff can be very pleasurable for everyone involved. Men find it especially stimulating and pleasurable when they have a prostate stimulated.

However, women can also find pleasure in insertion. With that in mind, consider the B-vibe Rimming plug 2. It is a butt plug which is fast becoming popular in anal play.

The anal thrusting vibrator has rotating beads at the neck and stimulates the feel of a rim job. Ultimately this is an airy, light, and practically human to the touch tongue licking type of feeling.

The sensation is fantastic, according to many users. In addition to the mimicking beads, this anal vibrator has seven variations of speeds and patterns. It also comes with remote control for ease-of-use and convenience.

You may choose to use it alone for solo play or together with a partner for couples play. However, if you are new to anal sex, you should know that it’s a bit big for beginners. Ultimately, you will need a lot of foreplay before in insertion.

How to Choose a Thrusting Vibrator

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Thrusting vibrators are available in all shapes and sizes; however, what sets each one apart from the other is the thrusting power and variation that each one provides. So the question is, how do you choose trusting vibes?

When purchasing your thrusting vibe, you should keep in mind the size that you prefer. Since they are insertable, the size does make a huge difference to the comfort and also stimulating experience.

If you’re not experienced, it’s best to go for a smaller size or a thinner model as opposed to something that’s large and bulky. Going for models that are tapered is also a good idea. If you are an experienced thrusting vibe user, who is looking for a highly advanced level of stimulation,  go for thicker and larger models which provide increased pleasure as well.

Some thrusting vibes are easier to use than others. Also, some are meant to be used for anal play while others are meant for general use. Some vibes even offer a hands-free experience, which is highly convenient when you want to do less work, or you want a device to do all of the work.

Some vibes are basic, offering only one vibration speed and thrusting pattern while many others have a whole variety of different speeds and pattern variations. So think about the features and benefits that each one offers before choosing yours.

If you’re looking to use your vibe in the shower or bathtub, then consider one that is 100% waterproof and therefore submergible.

If you don’t want to change batteries, then opt for a USB rechargeable vibrating dildo. The features and functionality make or break the toy so make sure you think about what you actually prefer and then you can narrow down your list from there.

Ultimately you don’t want to end up with a vibe that you are not completely happy with or one that actually doesn’t satisfy your sexual needs.

Best Thrusting Vibrator

Best Thrusting Vibrator

The Adam & Eve Thruster is probably one of the best thrusting vibes with a 6.5-inch insertable length. It’s also made from hypoallergenic silicone, which makes it great for people with sensitive skin who are prone to skin allergies.

The Thruster boasts an impressive seven vibration variation. This ensures that you are going to find a pattern you like. You can also customize your experience to meet your exact needs. In addition to this, there are different vibration speed settings if you feel like switching things up.

It’s easy and convenient to use with just a few simple buttons to push at the base of the vibrator. These buttons allow you to control every aspect of the vibrator and it’s also USB rechargeable so don’t need to change batteries ever so often.

When it comes to keeping it clean, it’s fairly easy to do. Although it’s priced at the higher end, but the fact is that it is extremely rich when it comes to features and functionality.

Perhaps one of the only drawbacks of this toy is that it is a bit loud.

Aside from that, it boasts an impressive 6.5 inches insertable length and three vibration speeds. It also has seven vibration patterns. The vibe is hypoallergenic, USB rechargeable and easy to clean and maintain.

So with that taken into consideration, you really do get what you pay for. Consider this a long term investment into your sexual relaxation and satisfaction.

How to Use a Thrusting Vibrator

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If you’ve just purchased your first thrusting vibrator dildo, you’re probably excited to put it to use. However, there’s a few tips and tricks you need to consider before enjoying your first session.

You first want to ensure that you wash your vibrator with warm and soapy water, taking care not to get the battery compartment wet. Thereafter you should dry it with a lint-free towel. After making sure it’s clean, ensure that it has plenty of power.

If it works with an electrical cord, make sure that the cord itself is long enough to reach the socket you are going to use. If it’s rechargeable, go ahead and plug it in and if it uses batteries, ensure you have the right type then go ahead and load it in.

Using a thrusting vibrator is similar to using an ordinary vibrator. You can start out by deciding if you want to use a condom over it or not. Perhaps one of the advantages of using condoms with your client is that it makes cleanup easier.

Then again it does also affect the sensation you experience. So that decision is entirely up to you. However, when it comes to using anal thrusting vibes, condom use is recommended.

Applying a generous amount of water-based lube is highly recommended by sex experts irrespective of whether you are having sex with an actual person or a dildo. If you are using an anal thrusting vibe, make sure to use anal lube or one that’s made explicitly for this purpose. Anal lube tends to be thicker and longer lasting.

Regardless of which thrusting vibrator you choose, all sex therapists agree that there is one basic rule to using it.

And that is if it feels good to keep doing it. This is mainly because vibrators, more than any other sex toys on the market actively encourage you to experiment with different positions, different speeds as well as the right combination to hit your sensual spots.

When using a new plastic vibe, ensure that you are in a comfortable position, and switch it on at the lowest speed, so that you can stroke your erogenous spots.

After getting used to the feel of thrusting vibe, you can then start to rub it up and down your vagina gently. Start with light and teasing strokes and gradually apply more pressure.

Once you feel confident enough, you can increase the vibration speed and also change the pattern if you like. If you got a thrusting rabbit, G spot or a regular vibrator and you can slip the toy inside for even more fun. After that, then relax and enjoy yourself. Read our review about the other types of vibrators here.

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The Verdict

While there are many thrusting vibes out there, self thrusting vibes seem to be the most popular. Not only because they are packed full of have features and functionality, but they take the hard work out of climaxing.

So if you ever feel like laying back, relaxing and having someone or something else do all of the hard work for you, then a self thrusting vibe is definitely the way to go. When choosing the ideal vibrator for you, ensure that you consider the size, length, thickness, features, and functionality, and most importantly, the price as well.

If it’s your first one, you may want to opt for a cheaper thrusting vibe; however, if you are looking for something more advanced, then you would have to pay a higher price. However, simply consider it an investment into your long and fulfilling sexual health.