Lelo Luna Beads Review – Mini, Noir, Smart & Luxe

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Irrespective of what your understanding of kegels is, the fact of the matter is that exercising them has immense benefits. One of the best ways in which to give your kegels a good workout is to use the Lelo Luna Beads. It combines pleasure with fitness and delivers lasting results.

Each set comes with four interchangeable weighted beads, which can be combined to increase or decrease resistance. Ultimately you can customize these Luna Beads to suit your requirements.

What is the Lelo Luna Beads?

Lelo luna beads in black high heels

For women who are looking for stronger orgasms and more intense or intimate sensations, Luna beads are the best and most fulfilling pleasure system in the world.

These beads gently and secretly vibrate according to your body’s movement. There are interchangeable, weighted vaginal beads which are perfect for helping you on the road to a stronger and more enhanced climax.

The Luna Beads come with a silicone harness that you can place the beads in. You will also find two beads each weighing 28 g and another two weighing 37 g each. So you should have a total of four balls to place in the harness.

Please note that you can only use two at a time. There’s also a satin storage pouch in the event that you want to keep things discrete while they are stored away.

As far as kegels go, these weights are an intermediate choice as the lowest and most common weights sold elsewhere are approximately 10g.

The kegel balls are made from ABS plastic and are purchased in an average size or miniature size. Some people choose to go with the classic size, and those are the people who actually want to feel the beads inside of them.

There are no motors inside the balls of these toys, and they are completely battery-free and don’t offer extra sensations aside from the ones you get from the pure virtue of having them inserted. At the end of the beads, you’ll find a convenient string for easy removal when you are done.

How to Use the Lelo Luna Beads?

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Women in their 30s onwards will start appreciating the benefits of kegel balls like the Luna Beads. It’s a great way to strengthen your vaginal walls and ensure that you have a more sensuous orgasm. Ultimately, these beads are extremely convenient because they do not require any charging or maintenance aside from a simple and quick rinse afterward. The silicone harnesses are soft and pliable, and the middle piece that joins the beads are flexible enough to move around inside of you and is still not a hassle during insertion.

If you have concerns about the beads staying in place during use, just drop it on the floor a few times for good measure, and if they remain in place, then you definitely don’t have anything to worry about, while you are using them.

For those who are a bit nervous and would like to ease into things slowly, you can start with a single bead that has the string attached and see if it’s too much weight for you. Walk around a bit, see if it’s comfy. This is one of the only ways you are going to tell.

These weights are not on the lighter end of the scale, so you should start with one and then work your way up if it’s comfortable enough. If you want a simple kegel workout without the bells and whistles, then this is the perfect option for you. A quick application of water-based lubricant is recommended, and thereafter you need to slide it inside gently.

There are no vibrations, so don’t expect too much; however, as you move around in the harness, your body muscles definitely delivers the pleasure you need. These are the most straightforward kegel balls, but at the end of the day, it works exactly as advertised and delivers on its promises.


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Thanks to the premium materials which are used in manufacturing the Luna beads, they are simple to clean. All you need to do is remove them from the harness and wash all parts with antibacterial or disinfectant soap and warm water. Thereafter ensure that you dry it thoroughly before storing it away.

The balls must also need to be stored separately from the harness. As well while cleaning it, extra attention should be paid to the removal cord, and although nylon is in porous, the fibers do run the risk of collecting bacteria.

Therefore it should be sterilized after a few uses by leaving them to soak a couple of minutes in a solution of 10% bleach or boiling them in a pot of water.

Please note that when boiling them, it should not be longer than five minutes. Also, the beads should not touch the bottom of the pot that you are using. So make sure that you double boil them.

The Lelo Luna Beads Noir

The Lelo Luna Beads Noir

The Lelo Luna Beads Noir are black in color, and you can buy a set of powder pink and blue Lelo Luna Beads mini size. These beads work much the same as the classic Luna beads, and they are also known as Ben-wah or kegel balls.

As you know, these balls are weighted and placed inside you. It is made from an ABS plastic outer. They can also be used with or without the silicone harness; however, the harness makes it more accessible.

One of the balls has a retrieval loop that is firmly attached to it which is threaded through the harness prior to inserting the ball into it, and this basically helps keep everything in place. These balls are meant for vaginal use only and are designed to strengthen your the vaginal walls.

Ultimately, the Luna beads Noir move around inside the vagina and the movement of the beads internally knocking about causes you to clench and tighten on them naturally. This gives you a sort of mini workout for your vagina. Ultimately it also tones and contracts the vagina.

Strengthening the walls of your vagina leads to a tighter feeling during sex and ultimately, a more enhanced and sensual orgasm. This is especially useful after childbirth as it tends to relax and stretch the muscles of the vaginal wall.

Although these balls do not have any medical health usages, the movements caused by them are designed to cause stimulation and pleasure.

The Luna Smart Bead

The Luna Smart Bead with grape fruit in bed

The Luna Smart Bead is a touch sensor cable vibrator, and it is created to respond to your every squeeze. There are five different vibration levels which are activated as soon as you turn on your smart bead and insert it. Once this is done, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and allow the vibrations to stimulate your pelvic muscles.

By clenching your muscles on each vibration according to the exercise routine, you’ll be giving your vaginal wall a mini workout. It has an intelligent memory function and remembers your progress. Therefore it allows you to continue your exercise routine on your very next use.

The Smart Bead is also 100% waterproof, so you are able to continue your exercises in the shower and bath as well. With more than 200 routines and five progressive vibration levels, it’s guaranteed to deliver a stronger pelvic floor to anyone in a matter of weeks.

The intense vibrations produced by this device stimulate your vaginal wall and provides you with a purring sensation which leaves you wanting for more.

It may also assist with urinary continence, stronger orgasm, and a stronger pelvic floor core, which is a vital addition to your health and wellness.

Luna Beads Luxe

Luna Beads Luxe black

The Luna beads Luxe is definitely the classiest and sexiest way to strengthen and pleasure your pelvic walls. These opulent beads actually vibrate with the movements of your body, leading to a slow build up to an intense orgasm.

This is definitely for women and couples who are after the most refined results to a longer and stronger orgasm, not to mention an increased sexual sensitivity.

The pure gold color adds a touch of class to your intimacy. It is available in a choice of stainless steel or 20 karat gold plated beads. The design is discrete and offers secret pleasure since the rubber coated internal weights remain silent while they massage you gently.

The beads are also housed in a premium silicone casing allowing it to fit your body. Ultimately this offers both safety and strength.

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The Verdict

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Lots of women are unfortunately undereducated about how to maintain their vaginal and pelvic muscles at any age. Loss of vaginal sensitivity and incontinence can be effectively reduced and avoided altogether by simply doing just half an hour of kegel workouts three times a week.

While laying on your back, all you need to do is apply a small quantity of water-based lube on the kegel balls and insert them. After doing this, you contract the same muscles you use when you are trying to stop yourself from peeing midstream and hold them for a few seconds before relaxing. You should do this about nine times.

The average kegel workout has between three to five sets. Women who have gone through childbirth and want to go back to their former tightness or condition are perfect candidates for kegel exercises. The pelvic muscles support many of the organs above them such as the womb, bladder, bowels and long-term discomfort that comes from aging can be managed by taking the time out to simply invest in these exercises.

As far as our Lelo Luna Beads review is concerned, these are the best tools for strengthening vaginal muscles. While these beads may not be at the top of the list of things that you reach for when trying to get an orgasm, it definitely is a sex toy. So if your vaginal contractions have lost their luster, then this product comes highly recommended.