Top 20 Libido Killers that will destroy your sex drive

Doing the deed, rolling in the hay, participating in the bed boogie, whatever you call it, having sex is just as natural for humans as breathing. 

But what do you do if you feel like your libido, or sex drive, is not quite what it used to be? 

The first thing to be aware of is that you’re not alone. Experiencing a lower interest in sex will happen to most people at some stage and is not uncommon. 

While the underlying cause can be complex and consist of different things, there are some big killers to watch out for. 

So if your partner or attractive strangers have become, well, not so desirable as they used to be, you can check our list of the top 20 biggest libido killers. 

#1 The number one libido killer: Stress

Stress affects almost all aspects of your life and diminishes the urge for some hanky panky.  

The cause can be from factors like work, relationships, friends, feeling pressured financially or otherwise. The main thing to remember is there’s always a healthy way to deal with stress and avoid it in the future.

Everyone has their way of dealing with it and sometimes that involves bad habits. But most of the time people use healthy ways such as exercise or even a walk to clear their head. In this case, the saying ‘’Where there’s a will, there’s always a way’’ truly counts because it all starts with you. 

#2 Alcohol, the magic potion that can either boost or destroy your sex drive

After a long day at work or at a party, a lot of us love the occasional drink.

But keep in mind that alcohol is the second biggest libido killer. It interferes with your ability to feel sexual stimulation, and some men find it difficult to get an erection or experience ejaculation. 

Like everything else, it’s all about the dosage. Something that’s normally healthy for you can become toxic if you abuse it. So keep in mind that controlling your alcohol consumption just might give you a better chance at a healthy sex life.

#3 How smoking cigarettes can lower your libido

Smoking is bad for us, but we do it anyway. Smoking increases carbon monoxide levels in your body which inhibits the production of testosterone. Ultimately bringing down your libido. 

Studies have shown that non-smokers experience a much stronger sexual appetite than consistent smokers. The point is if you want to have a  long and healthy sex life you should probably quit the cigarettes. 

#4  A coffee a day keeps the doctor away, but does it increase your libido?

Likewise, the increased caffeine consumption drastically decreases your ability to maintain a healthy libido. 

It’s a tradition for most of us that cannot go without starting the day with a hot cup of coffee, it’s a habit. And that’s not a bad thing, coffee has multiple health benefits and it’s proven to increase your sex drive, but overdoing it will have the opposite result. 

It can also expose you to the risk of palpitations and even heart diseases.

So one or two cups of coffee throughout the day are normal and even good for you. But any more than that and you’ll be reducing your libido and risking damaging your sex life.

#5 Sports and exercising can save your sex life

Not staying physically active has terrible effects on your libido and life in general. Exercising is something that we should all do. And I don’t mean spending countless hours in the gym or running 10 miles a day. It can be as simple as devoting half an hour of your day to do something active like going for a short run or doing a few exercises at home. It doesn’t have to be very time-consuming but it’s vital to your sex drive. 

Active sports are one of the best ways to stay both physically and mentally healthy. Keep in mind that the keyword is active. Don’t think that since you are a chess grandmaster you’ll ultimately have a higher sex drive.

#6 Sleep deprivation is the ultimate buzzkill

Sleeping is a huge part of our lives and it takes up more than a third of your life. 

If you don’t get enough of it, you risk exposing yourself to dozens of illnesses and you’ll suffer from a reduced sex drive.

By getting between 7 – 9 hours of sleep per night, you can increase your libido and improve your sex life.

#7 Dehydration is a killer

Being dehydrated can harm your ability to experience an orgasm in both men and women. Staying well-hydrated can also help men last longer in bed and facilitate natural lubrication in women.

Sex gurus call it the KEY to healthy sex life. Water can give you the push you need to feel a stronger urge for sex and increase your chances of an orgasm. 

#8 Taking unnecessary medication

Using medication that wasn’t prescribed, you’re risking not only hurting your sex life but also damaging your physical and mental health.

Most people use unnecessary medication as a coping mechanism to deal with stress and other forms of psychological pressure. This is something that will have a massive impact on your sex drive and not in a good way.

In men, it’s the case of abusing Viagra but in women, it’s most likely because of overusing birth control.

Be sure to check with a doctor about any medication that you might be taking without a prescription. It can be something as minor as a pain killer or more serious like self-prescribed anti-depressants or antihistamines. 

#9 Increased body weight

If your BMI is too high you’re decreasing your chance of having a healthy libido.

Being overweight can narrow down the blood vessels and facilitate the blood flow to your genitals. Hence, without proper blood flow, men and women face difficulty in reaching a climax. This can often lead to a depleting sex drive.

#10 Low testosterone levels

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in both men and women. It affects many and varied bodily processes like physical changes in males at puberty, muscle growth, and sperm production. Testosterone is one of the hormones that stimulate male and female sex drive. A low testosterone level can cause low libido, along with many other symptoms.

#11 Drugs can ruin your life as well as your sex drive

Some people think that taking illegal drugs can improve their sexual experience and increase its length. Although in very few examples, that may be the case, they cause more harm than good most of the time. It’s commonly believed that ‘’cocaine’’ can help men by prolonging their erection which helps them last longer in bed. 

This is a myth, and it’s proven to be untrue. Sorry, Escobar.  

Overall, drugs harm our libido and damage our health, so staying away from any illegal drugs is always a safe bet when it comes to getting your libido back in check. 

#12 Watching too much pornography

Watching porn is something we all do even if most of us don’t like to admit it. But watching the occasional video and letting it become a daily habit are two very different things.

The common problem with most men is that they expect the real-life sexual act to be as they see it in the videos, this cannot be further from the truth. And any woman would agree on this matter. 

So being mindful of how much pornography you consume is something to be aware of because it can damage your sex drive and relationship.

#13 Not having a daily routine

Sticking to a schedule is one of the best things you can do for your libido and your well-being. By maintaining a daily routine, you’re ensuring to reduce the stress in your life. As well as helping your body and your mind to know what to expect in the day or during the night.

Your libido is easily affected by sudden changes in your psychological or physical well-being. So being prepared and sticking to a set schedule every day can improve your chances of healthier sex life.

#14 Relationship issues

This is something most of us have experienced at one point or another. Relationships are amazing but sometimes they’re difficult to maintain. Having issues in your relationship can negatively impact your sex drive, reducing your libido and the urge to have sex.

Communication here is always crucial, and bringing in a professional therapist can also be helpful. Staying connected with your partner will improve your sex life and increase the chances of mutual happy times (in bed and otherwise).

#15 Psychological problems

Staying mentally healthy isn’t an easy task, and when things aren’t well upstairs, they’re certainly not going to be well downstairs too. 

Your brain is your biggest sex organ and when you keep it sharp it’ll help you by improving every single aspect of your life. 

If you suffer from psychological issues, then you should consult with a professional doctor in the field. He/ she can assess you correctly and talk you through the necessary course of therapy.

#16 Be wary of your sugar consumption

A nice dessert is something that most of us love. Sugar is a big part of our organisms and in a lot of cases, it helps. 

But remember that everything good for you can turn out to be harmful if abused. So staying in control of how much sugar and what types of sugar you consume can help you stay sexually active and increase your libido.

#17 Choose your food carefully

Human’s gotta eat. But your food choices can also impact your libido. Sticking to a healthy diet and avoiding processed foods will not only increase your overall health, but also increase your sex drive.

So if you needed that extra motivation to choose that salad over the burrito, there you go. 

#18 Bad smells could ruin more than the mood

Everyone knows what smells that they don’t like or even hate. Some smells are worse than others but the main thing is that they can ruin the mood or in some cases prevent men from getting an erection. 

Let’s take popcorn, for example,  it’s the snack of choice for most people when it comes to unwinding on the couch with a nice movie. But you probably didn’t know that the bag’s lining contains chemicals like perfluorooctanoic acid that decrease testosterone levels and can even cause prostate problems over the long term.

So be careful of what goes up your nose and the candles or scents that you choose for the bedroom.

#19 Lack of vitamins

Low vitamin levels can cause serious damage to your sex drive in the long term.

The lack of certain vitamins in your body can lead to lowered sex drive and reduced energy.

Iron, for instance, can help you rev up your sex life and spice things up in the bedroom. This is one of the reasons why anemic women suffer from low libido. Iron helps in the production of red blood cells that boost blood circulation in the genital areas, increasing libido for both men and women.

#20 Something none of us can escape: Aging

And last but not least, age. With aging comes a reduction of sex drive in most people.

But leading a healthy lifestyle and staying mindful of what we’re eating, drinking, and consuming are the best ways to maintain a healthy body and sex life.

Bottom Line

While many things can impact a low libido, working towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle will always be one of your best bets for a healthy sexual appetite. 

Rremember as well that varying interest in sex is also natural and doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. But if you’re feeling a little lower drive than usual, troubleshooting it with our list has hopefully shown you a few areas where you can improve.